“Over the past 10 years of doing yoga on and off, Kelsey is one of the better instructors I have had. During a recent yoga class, it was the perfect combination of music, light, poses and her soothing voice that helped me reach an inner moment that I had been trying to figure out…and I did just that. For me, that was magical. If you are looking for someone to help kick your butt, have personalized instruction and have a ton of fun, you can trust that Kelsey will lead you every step of the way with her knowledge and caring heart!”
– Sarah K.

“I am 67 years old. I started working with Kelsey almost three years ago at Matrix in Denver. She is absolutely the best! Not only has she helped me with age appropriate workouts but she is the bright spot in each day I see her. I could not give her a higher recommendation.”
-Ellis A.

“I attend Kelsey’s classes several times a week. Kelsey’s is a truly excellent trainer/ spin class instructor/ yoga teacher/ massage therapist/ friend. She is the perfect combination of tough (“Kels, you are KILLING me!”) and warm (“Scott, you are doing SO well”). She works with the whole person– mentally, physically and emotionally to help you push beyond your perceived boundaries. It is because of these qualities that she has such a dedicated and growing following. Because of her efforts, I am stronger, more flexible and have much better balance. Most importantly working out has become an integral part of my day. I recommend her without reservation.”

– Scott R.

“Kelsey Brennan has been excellent to work with, I highly recommend her service. She is strong and well experienced on the physiology of the body. With strong hands and arms, and experience, she certainly knows how to loosen the knots. Her work is superb! Naturally we’re sad to hear that she’s moving away from Denver, we wish her the very best!”

-Jason B.

“Yoga with Kelsey is an absolute joy.  Kelsey’s classes are always engaging and challenging, and she constantly provides great modifications and guidance throughout class.  Even if we’re in a large group, I feel like she is keeping an eye on each student and helping every one of us improve.  Especially now that I am pregnant, Kelsey has offered amazing support and given me a new appreciation for my practice!”

– Maureen W.

“I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 8 years, but it wasn’t until I started going to Kelsey’s classes that yoga became more than a workout. I used to get on the mat, go through the motions, leave and never really think twice. Kelsey’s approach to the practice is meaningful, of course, but she has a passion for the practice and life in general that is contagious. In the past year, I’ve improved my flexibility and mindfulness more than I have in all 8 years of practicing yoga and I truly believe it is because of Kelsey’s encouragement and guidance. Her classes are an important part of my week…so much so, that I actually schedule time on my work calendar for them.”
– Erica W.
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