End the Year with YOU in mind

So many of my clients and friends say that they wish they spent more time taking care of themselves and experiencing more in their lives. I used to feel this exact same way until I made self-care and travel top priorities in my life.

This is exactly what sparked my upcoming wellness retreat to Guatemala. I wanted to provide an experience for those looking to travel, give back, and take time away from their busy life. Of course, I also realized that to many, wellness retreats are seen as an expensive luxury. I kept this in mind while choosing my location and the pricing.

If you have any interest in joining me, or just want to know more about this amazing trip, to Guatemala from March 9th to the 16th, send me a text, message, or email. I will help you find a way to make this happen!

And don’t forget that I am still offering a $50 discount per person who books until the end of the month with a friend! Enter the code BESTIES at checkout to save!


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