I’m back! :D

Hello all!

I am back from vacation and have a bunch going on this week!

I am excited to announce that I will be adding a new permanent class at Kindness Yoga – Hilltop every Wednesday at 4:30pm. This class will be a Vinyasa 2 class, so come join the fun!

I will also be teaching our monthly Aprés Yoga class on Sunday (Nov. 12th) at 10:30am at Alpine Dog Brewing Company. $15 for both class and a pint!

Lastly, you can catch me subbing BarreFly Tuesday morning at Atherial at 7:45am!

Can’t wait to see everyone!

2 Replies to “I’m back! :D”

  1. HI, Kelsey,  When you have time this week, could you look at your calendar and pick a few possible dates for our girls’ yoga class?  I’d like to get it scheduled before it gets too crazy with holiday stuff.Thanks.See you next week.Kathie


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